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My Lovely Sweater

April 7, 201030 minutes Hey there beautiful people! This is Ava and I'm writing to you guys to tell you a little something about my video today. My boyfriend found something that he loves even more than me (maybe!) ..his trustee camera! LOL. He is always using it but dont get me wrong...we put it to good use all the time. So in my video, he was creeping up on me, laying on the couch and I was wearing a purple sweater that he bought for me. He absolutely loves how my tits look in it. But as much as he loves how the sweater looks on me, it came flying off. He loves my tits even more! So we started getting it on and he gave me instructions and man I loved it! I started playing with him and jerking him off until he came all over me. I really hope you guys enjoy my video. Love you guys. - AvaI really hope you guys enjoy my video. Love you guys, Ava.

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